Cause and Effect – Crimes of the past.

As i learn more about ancient and self knowledge, it seems to me that a great crime has been committed to many many ethnic peoples from around the world. Designed to disconnect people from who they truly are and assimilate. Examples include native Canadians, native Americans, Africans, Aborigines, Maori etc.

Residential Schools in Canada were very similar to convents, religious and government schools across the world. Even though the systems were different, the same evil themes of control, fear and abuse ran deep. Like slavery, the masterplan was to steal resources, disconnect and dissolve generations from their culture and break their spirit – in a way create a new reality, destroy their old reality.

The ancient law of cause and effect states that every action has a reaction. Every atrocity caused pain to someone, their sense of identity was often lost along with their culture and surname in many cases. But now many people are rejecting those belief systems and researching their own histories: their true selves. It’s a difficult subject to say the least. Many good people, who had nothing to do with these crimes, identify with a religion. Nonetheless history shows that much blood was spilled in the name of _____.

If there is truth, light, love and peace, history has shown that there is the opposite in the most darkest way. Ripping children away from families. People are still living the effects today. As we know pain, fear and anger lower our vibrations, weaken us and imprison us. I believe that my need to reconnect with source/truth is a direct result of this over time.

I have so many questions on this. Can this be rectified? Is this just man’s doing or is this universal polarity playing out? The eternal battle of Good and Evil over time. Obviously this should never happen again but like we see in Palestine, over time the victims become the oppressors. Is man just flawed? Are we doomed to repeat this again and again? Or can we reach a place where this doesn’t need to happen again.


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